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About us

We have a long-standing experience in the field of insurances. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the English insurance market. We have analyzed procedures applied by insurance companies and insurance brokers.

We have learned that:

  • Insurance companies never act to the benefit of drivers,
  • Drivers do not have a sufficient knowledge of car insurances in UK,
  • As a result, people pay a way too much for car insurance in UK

We are one of the first groups of experts working in England to support drivers, rather than insurance companies.

Why you should cooperate with us?

Objectivity guaranteed

We do not represent any insurance companies. It makes a significant difference. Why? We prioritize the client’s good. We do out utmost to find the most inexpensive offer on the market and make sure the insurance premium is as low as possible. As independent insurance specialists, we do not charge any commissions from insurance companies and we assure you that we are fully objective when choosing offers and provide lowest insurance prices.

Cheapest insurance guaranteed

Thanks to the fact that we do not represent insurance companies, you can be sure that we will find the cheapest and most favourable insurance among all offers available on the market.

Experience and expertise

We provide assistance to customers who seek an inexpensive car insurance in Great Britain. We share our knowledge and with regard to insurances, which is not a regular practice of insurance advisors, as it that knowledge help you to lower the costs of insurance policy.

No hidden costs

We follow a transparent price policy. We do not charge any commissions from insurance companies, thank to which you do not need to pay extra for agent’s service. You pay less and you can be sure the price is as low as possible. We charge a one-off fee for assistance in completing formalities if you choose to purchase the insurance policy.

Policy Direct is a consulting firm is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority does not offer and does not advise which insurance product  is appropriate for a client, we can searching for the cheapest deal and forward it to the client  .But client  must decide whether  this offer is suitable for him, and whether to buy it.Client  must read  terms and  conditions of the quote  made by insurance company.