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How much you can save

See how much you can save

Drivers complain about expensive car insurances in UK. A surprise comes when they check Polisa Direct’s offer. It turns out that You can insure your car in the UK at a very reasonable price.

The British insurance system differs from the EU system substantially. The range of prices is wide. Certain companies charge 300, others 1300 pounds. Our insurance specialists know well how to find the cheapest ones. You must know that insurance agents never provide You with cheapest insurances as their commissions would have to be lower.

We browse through insurers’ offers. We compare all offers available on the English market and we choose the cheapest. We are more effective than agents paid by insurance companies. You do not need to waste your time on searching, we will do everything for you.

See how much you can save thanks to Polisa Direct. Pay attention to various offers on the insurance market.


Mr. John

Age: 30
profession: building worker
car: Toyota Avensis 2.0
Driving license-10 year

Insurance broker -£1620
Insurance comparison site- £1480
Polisa Direct- £1170

Mrs. Jenny

Profession: nurse
Car: Ford Fiesta 1.4
Driving license: 6 years

Insurance broker-£1165
Insurance comparison site:£992
Polisa Direct: £776

If you want to save on insurance up to 1000 pounds – please fill in the form

Kacper says:

„The agent estimated the price of my car insurance at 1400 pounds. I found Polisa Direct and it turned out that they found an insurance for nearly 700 pounds. I saved over £700. Thank you.”

Agata says:

„When I came to London I got scared to see how expensive the car insurance was. Back then I found Polisa Direct’s offer. These gentlemen helped me to find a very attractive insurance. Thanks!!”