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Life insurance

Do You need:

  • life insurance
  • critical illness insurance or
  • income protection insurance

Arrange a free-of-charge consulting meeting with us. We will help you to choose the most favourable insurance adapted to your funds.

Life insurance

Also called term insurance, that is an insurance for a definite period of time. It is a standard life insurance usually available with no medical examinations for persons aged 16-79. A minimum insurance cover period is 5 years, but we can extend it to up to 40 years. In the event of a death of an insured person, the claim will be paid in the entire term of the insurance coverage. The amount paid will not change in the period when the insurance is effective.

Critical illness insurance

It is not much of a type of insurance but a variant changing the terms of payout. If you choose to take it out, the claim will be paid both in the case of death and when an insured person is diagnosed with one of specific illnesses, and regardless of whether this person is going to pass away or not. In other words, to receive compensation, you “just” need to be ill. Although critical illness raises the likelihood of claim payout, it also increases our premium dramatically. Since a standard compensation is about £5-£12 a month, the critical illness must be from £20 to £45 per month.

Income protection insurance

It is a long-term insurance designed to provide you with a regular income in the event of an inability to do job as a result of illness or accident.

  • The insurance covers a part of your regular income if you are unable to work for some time due to an accident or illness,
  • Claims are paid until you are able to return to work,
  • Before claims are paid, you need to wait for a specific deferred period specified in the terms of the agreement, e.g. 7 days.

Income protection insurance is different than e.g. critical illness insurance, which pays a one-off and fixed amount. Income protection insurance provides you with a fixed percent value of your regular income every month, as a rule it is 65%.